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Sharing Profit at TradeChamps

TradeChamps is building a new kind of network, starring you — the member.

Creators — Host Branded Contests, Plus Monetize and Promote on TradeChamps

Do you produce content or sell educational products on the subjects of stock, cryptocurrency, investing or general finance?

Whether you've worked hard to build a large audience or you're still on the come-up, we're making you an offer you can't refuse: an opportunity to grow your audience and a new monetization channel.

Read on to learn how we're working to help you unlock more revenue!

Unlocking Revenue and Growing Your Audience With TradeChamps


Host Branded Fantasy Trading Contests

What if you could host your own branded fantasy trading contests for your fans and followers? That's what TradeChamps offers, and here's the best part: not only is it free, but we actually pay you.

Leave the tech stuff and hard work to us. All you need to do is let your followers know about your branded contest. Get in touch, and we can have your first contest live as soon as tomorrow!


Earn a Percentage of your Referrals' Activity

If you have a large or growing following, TradeChamps provides you an additional way to earn revenue while introducing your audience to something fun, educational, and potentially rewarding.

You'll earn cash when your referrals enter contests, and on future TradeChamps revenue generated by those referrals.

Consider each referral to TradeChamps as an investment, in them and yourself.


Open a New Promotional Channel

We're working hard alongside our members (and creators like you) to build the premier fantasy trading platform and social network for investors.

Put your courseware, content and other offerings in front of our growing crypto and investment-oriented community.


Gain New Content + New Ways To Connect

As a creator, you know the importance of high-quality content and connecting with your audience.

Imagine livestreaming with your followers around their contest portfolios, following their progress on the leaderboard, analyzing their picks in realtime, and celebrating with them when they win.

It's fun, sticky, and a great educational tool that matches perfectly with your offerings. Best of all, the resulting content can live here on TradeChamps* and on your own channel.

*We currently support hosting of YouTube live streams and videos on TradeChamps.