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Sharing Profit at TradeChamps

TradeChamps is building a new kind of network, starring you — the member.

Important! This page represents early thinking on the TradeChamps Token and the details may change before finalization. For example incentives may be re-aligned based on early observations. The goal is to grow TradeChamps, including the community, player activity and usage of future features. Our token will seek to align those goals by rewarding certain member activity.

As such, please consider this page to be in draft status.

The TradeChamps Token*

The goal of TradeChamps is to generate real cash and share it with our members from day one.

The TradeChamps Token is a bonus reward that we're exploring which we hope can appreciate and reward our members further. We can't make any promises there, but we're also not asking you to accept it in lieu of profiting now!

Our logic is simple: if meme coins can 🚀, then why not a token from a growing community that's generating cash and a loyal following?

Read on to learn more about our plans for The TradeChamps Token!

*The TradeChamps Token is currently in the planning stages. Details may vary upon finalization.

How The TradeChamps Token Might Work...


Earn Tokens For Your Own Activity And For Your Referrals'

When you enter a paid contest, you'll earn a token per dollar (e.g. for a $5 contest, you'll earn 5 tokens).

When your referrals enter a contest, you'll earn 10% of the tokens (e.g. when a referral enters a $5 contest, you'll earn 0.5 tokens).

There may also be future opportunities to earn tokens.


Token Supply

Tokens are only added to the circulating supply upon being earned by members.

As members earn tokens, an equivalent or lesser number of tokens are assigned to TradeChamps investors and team members. This ensures members share with TradeChamps equally or more in any appreciation of the token.

There will be a maximum of 1,000,000,000 (1 billion) tokens in supply.


Blockchain and Rollout

We've decided on Solana (SOL) as the blockchain for The TradeChamps Token.

Included among the driving factors for this decision were a combination of liquidity, low transaction fees and relatively reduced carbon footprint.

As we work to stand the token up, we are tracking token-earning events (and the order they occur). We will then begin issuing the first tokens.

It is our hope that as TradeChamps grows (🦄), the tokens will appreciate in value, creating wealth for our members.