Questions? We've got answers. Everything you want to know about how to play (and win) at TradeChamps! (But, if we've missed anything, please get in touch.)

TradeChamps features daily fantasy stock and cryptocurrency contests for cash prizes! It's easy to play:
  1. Enter contests and receive $100,000 in virtual currency to spend on your portfolio.
  2. Choose your assets (stocks and cryptocurrencies) before the contest starts.
  3. If your portfolio's total value (cash + assets) is in a prize-winning position when the contest ends, you win a cash prize!*
*As of this writing, the 3 highest-value portfolios at the end of the contest's trading period win a prize.

Contests are daily, and each contest has an entry period before it starts Here's how to find and enter a contest:
  1. Head on over to the Contests page to find an upcoming game
  2. Click the "Enter now" button for the contest you want to enter
  3. Click the "Create my Contest Entry" button
  4. You'll be prompted to pay any applicable contest entry fee from your TradeChamps Wallet (see "How do I deposit funds into my TradeChamps wallet?", below).
  5. Add your starting asset picks to your portfolio before the contest entry period ends
That's it! You can then follow the contest, including tracking your place on the leaderboard and watching any livestreams that are available!

We screen assets for volume and quality. TradeChamps makes only more widely traded and higher quality stocks and cryptocurrencies available for trading in contests. This helps keep contests competitive and avoids scenarios wherein thinly-traded assets can have an outsized impact on portfolio performance, yielding unrealistic results.

You can always view the available assets for a contest by visiting the "Assets" tab on the contest's details page.

If there's a cryptocurrency or stock you'd like to see available for selection, please let us know.

No. You can enter a contest with unspent available cash. In fact, your portfolio can consist of no assets and 100% cash, and it's technically possible for you to still win! Of course, that's essentially a calculation that all of your competitors' portfolios will decline in value.

We'll leave it up to you to determine whether that's the best strategy based on your assessment of market conditions, etc. But, the point is that you can spend all, some, or no cash at all on your portfolio entries.

Yes. There are some differences. Our prime directive is to make the contests both fun and realistic, so we've elected to eliminate some "restrictive" characteristics of actual trading. Here are the primary differences:

  • Buying — On TradeChamps, you specify dollar amounts instead of asset quantity when placing buy orders. This keeps things simple and ensures there are sufficient funds to complete your orders.
  • Selling — When placing sell orders, you'll still specify quantity as you would in actual trading.
  • Active Trading — For contest types that allow buying and selling after the contest has started, trading is near real-time instead of real-time. Specifically, market data (including prices) updates roughly every 30 seconds to a minute, so your orders execute on these intervals. There are a couple of things to be aware of here:
    • Market orders will generally fill at the price as of the next market data update (after placing your order) for the asset.
    • Limit orders are executed only if the limit price is satisfied by the specific price at the time of the next update for the asset. This means the order may not execute, even if there was a price that would have satisfied the limit price between updates.
    • On rare occasions a market data update may not include pricing data for a specific asset. On these occasions, then subsequent price updates are used for limit orders. For market orders, the order may execute at the prior market price.
  • Shorting — When shorting assets, there is no margin involved. Your short position's performance is simply the inverse of a long position. For example:
    • You open a $10,000 short position in a stock that is priced at $5/share. You now show a quantity of 2,000 shares.
    • The stock price moves down to $3.00 share.
    • Your position has gained the difference between the original price and the lower price (i.e. your gain is $2/share on 2,000 shares for a total gain of $4,000).
    • Thus, your position is now worth $14,000, which is the original $10,000 plus $4,000
    • On the other hand, if the price of the stock on your short position had instead gone up $2/share to $7, then you would have lost $2/share or $4,000 and your position would now be worth $6,000.
  • Fractional shares — There are no restrictions on fractional shares. That is, you can buy and sell fractional shares and cryptocurrencies.
  • Dust — There is one caveat to our unrestricted fractional shares rule. That is, some trades can result in such tiny fractional quantities as to be largely immaterial. However, this "dust" can be inconvenient (for instance, make it hard to fully liquidate a position). So, the TradeChamps platform may make rounding and other adjustments to avoid such tiny fractions.

If two or more portfolios end with exactly the same value, then the following tie-breaking criteria are applied:

  1. The contest entry that was entered earliest shall be the higher-positioned entry
  2. If the entries are still tied after the first criterion is applied, then the entry associated with the earliest-created account shall be the higher-positioned entry. Note that for team contests, the entry associated with the earliest-created team shall be the higher-positioned entry.

Note that times are tracked to the millisecond, so it is extremely unlikely that any two portfolios will still be tied after these criteria are applied. However, in that event, the tied entries will split the prize amount evenly.

You can make a deposit into your TradeChamps wallet using one of several cryptocurrencies we support, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin and more. All deposit amounts are denominated in USD and immediately converted to USD in your wallet, irrespective of the cryptocurrency you use to pay. To make a deposit:
  1. Sign in to TradeChamps and click your profile picture at the top right of the site, then choose "My Account" (or just click here).
  2. Click the "Make a Deposit" button
  3. Choose the amount you'd like to deposit, then click "Pay with Crypto".
  4. You'll be taken to a page to choose your cryptocurrency and complete the payment.
  5. Important! Once you've submitted the payment it may take up to an hour to complete, depending on the payment currency you chose and network conditions.
  6. Once we've received confirmation of the payment, we'll deposit it into your wallet. You'll receive an email notification.
You're now ready to enter contests!

TradeChamps doesn't directly accept credit cards, however, there are apps/services that let you buy Bitcoin with your credit card or bank account. You can then use that Bitcoin to make your deposit on TradeChamps. Two popular options are:

Here's how:

  1. Buy Bitcoin with your app of choice (Important: Some apps, such as Robinhood, PayPal, and Venmo let you buy bitcoin, but NOT send it or pay with it. Be sure your selected app supports sending/paying with your Bitcoin).
  2. We strongly recommend that you buy roughly 10% more than you are planning to deposit here to cover any network transaction fees and exchange rate differences. For example, if you're planning to deposit $50 here, then you'd buy $55 of Bitcoin.
  3. After buying your Bitcoin, use the Pay with Crypto option here.
  4. Click "Complete Payment" and you'll be taken to our secure payment page.
  5. Select "Bitcoin" as the currency and complete your deposit using the Bitcoin you just purchased with your payment app. Depending on your app, you'll either:
    • use your app to scan the QR code on our payment page; OR
    • be prompted by your app to enter the payment amount (in Bitcoin), and TradeChamps payment address to which payment will be sent. You can copy these from our secure payment page.

You can withdraw funds from your TradeChamps wallet into a supported cryptocurrency of your choice, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin and more. Note that we will convert your withdrawal from USD into your selected cryptocurrency using the prevailing exchange rate with our payment provider at the time we send your funds. To make a withdrawal:
  1. Sign in to TradeChamps and click your profile picture at the top right of the site, then choose "My Account" and click the "Wallet" tab (or just click here).
  2. Click the "Withdraw" button
  3. Choose the amount you'd like to withdraw, then select the cryptocurrency in which to receive your payment.
  4. You'll then be prompted to enter the payment address destination.
  5. Important! Payments to you cannot be reversed, so use care when specifying payment details!
  6. Important! TradeChamps does not apply its own fees for withdrawing funds, however all cryptocurrency payments generally incur network transaction fees. Estimated network fees for processing your payment will be deducted from your payment before we send it. These fees are estimated and may vary slightly from actual fees incurred, however, we will disclose these fees to you at the time of your withdrawal request.
  7. Once we've received your request, we'll process it as soon as possible. You'll receive an email notification when we've issued the payment.
Remember, payment confirmation times vary per network and current network conditions so it may take some time for your payment to reach your specified address.

Share your unique referral link via social media, email and text to refer friends and followers to TradeChamps for an opportunity to earn cash. If a member you refer wins a contest cash prize, you also earn a cash bonus! This is currently equal to 10% of the prize amount—but this is not deducted from the prize.

Here's how to refer:

  1. Sign in to TradeChamps and click your profile picture at the top right of the site, then choose "My Account" and click the "Referrals" tab (or just click here).
  2. Click the "Copy my Referral Link" button
  3. Copy you referral link to your social media profiles, posts and tweets, email, etc.
  4. Whenever someone follows your referral link to TradeChamps and joins, you get credit for the referral.
  5. Note: Wherever you see a share button on TradeChamps to share your profile, portfolio, a contest, or any other content, your referral code is automatically embedded in the shared URL. Anyone who follows the link to view the shared content, then signs up is credited as your referral. Share away!

You can track your referrals and referral earnings here.

Attention Creators & Influencers!

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